NICE! is a seasoned postproduction crew that you can rely on with any kind of audio-visual challenge. Or Jack Daniel's challenge.

We will set your ideas in motion.

  • 3D

    Sculpt any creature or object, wrap it in a subtle texture and set it into a complex motion? We deliver all VFX in high standards – check out our animation case studies.
    Pixar, you better watch out!

  • Compositing

    Creating illusions is part of our job – we can make any scene rich and alive by mixing in extra layers and effects. Consequently, we can help you save money on shooting days and set design.

  • Grading

    Life is like a box of crayons. Color grading is essential for high quality visual outputs. And we do not mess around – every pixel gets treated with precise skills, nifty tools and a set of handsome eyes.

  • Audio

    Actor casting and voice over recording in our studio, production of tailor made sound effects, fine track mixing and propper mastering. We can deliver the right audio for any video. Sounds good, right?

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